top of page – Tuberculosis Australia: Silent pandemic the world is ignoring

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Featuring Results advocate, and TB survivor, Demi Mason.

A Perth woman went through 18 months of hell with a forgotten disease that up to one million Aussies unknowingly have in their bodies.

While the world has been fixated by the COVID-19 crisis for the past year, a forgotten pandemic is raging around the world – and right here in Australia – with barely anybody noticing.

Tuberculosis (TB) is preventable and treatable, yet still manages to kill 4000 people every day – with 700 of those children. It’s a disease caused by bacterial infection and commonly affects a person’s lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body and can cause serious illness. And, while it may sound like something that is only a problem in developing nations, there are up to one million people in Australia right now with a latent form of the disease. One Australian who knows the devastating toll the disease can take is 27-year-old nursing student and restaurant hostess Demi Mason from Perth. Read the full article here


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