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Become an Advocate

Are you keen to support efforts to achieve global health equity and end global poverty, but don't know where to start?

Across Australia there are people just like you who care about people living in poverty. They volunteer with Results as an Advocate and take strategic action to advocate for a more equitable world.

You may feel like achieving health equity and ending poverty in low and middle income countries is too big a problem to fix - but is it? We have many of the solutions to improve health, nutrition and education and provide opportunities for people everywhere to thrive. What's lacking is the political will to improve policies and create and fund programs for a fairer world.


Results Advocates use their voice to generate the political will to end poverty.

Results engages with decision-makers to build awareness of proven, cost-effective solutions to advance global health and end extreme poverty around the world. We engage with members of parliament from all sides of politics and work with government officials and key leaders in development institutions. We train everyday people in our grassroots network to be confident Advocates, and call for specific action from the Australia’s Federal Government. Most of our campaigns focus on MPs and building the political will to end global poverty in Canberra. At Results, we provide resources and opportunities for our volunteers to make the case for global health in the media and community as well. 

Our advocacy program - at a glance

Personal development:

  • Workshops to build skills in advocacy, communication and campaigning

  • Bi-monthly Advocacy Roundtables on Amplify for Advocacy themes and issues

  • Opportunities to contribute to government submissions and represent Results at events and conferences

Community connection:

  • Monthly Advocates newsletter

  • Invitation to join location-based Lead Advocacy Groups

  • Invitation to join Special Interest Groups (Women & Girls, Education)

  • Dedicated channels for volunteers to exchange ideas and access information on Slack

Relational advocacy actions based on bi-monthly Amplify for Advocacy focus areas:

  • Posting key messages and asks on social media

  • Writing a letter to the editor, Op-ed or blog to amplify key messages and campaign with us

  • Engaging with your local MP through phone, letter/email or meetings to update them on our campaigns

  • Running a local event through a Lead Advocacy Group to amplify Results key messages and asks

Our Advocates Program is open to individuals aged 18+ living in Australia.

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