Become an Advocate

Are you interested in supporting efforts to end extreme poverty, but don't know where to start?

Across Australia there are people just like you who care about people living in poverty. They volunteer with Results Australia and take strategic action to advocate for a more equitable world. You can join them!

You may feel like ending poverty in low and middle income countries is too big a problem to fix - but is it? There are enough resources in the world to provide people living in poverty with the health, education and opportunity they need to thrive. What's lacking is the political will to create and fund policies and programs that address these issues.

Results Australia engages with decision makers in a (non-partisan manner) here in Australia to make them aware of proven, cost-effective solutions to end extreme poverty around the world.
How do we do this? With our network of grassroots, Results volunteers.

They get published in the media. They engage parliamentarians directly through meetings, conversations and letter writing. They are active on social media and in the community. And their actions are working.

Since Results Australia was founded in 1986, the number of people living in extreme poverty and the number of child deaths has been cut in half. Thanks to dedicated volunteers continuously advocating for better policies and investments, more people than ever have access to lifesaving healthcare, quality education and good nutrition.

Results advocates are equipped with the best-in-class advocacy and leadership skills so that they can take strategic action in support of ending extreme poverty with the authenticity, passion and credibility of everyday people driven by a mission.

"Results has guided me to transform all the passion I have as a young professional in the field of global health into meaningful actions. Results gave me the tools and skills to promote change, the confidence to act on my passions, and the voice to speak in front of my MP." - Results advocate

Actions our advocates take

Whether Results volunteers are new or seasoned, they are passionate and committed individuals who want to make a difference to the lives of people living in poverty.

We have hundreds of advocates and thousands of supporters around the country who are committed to our cause at various levels of engagement. We encourage all our advocates to take actions that are suitable for their circumstances and motivation level.

Our advocates take action by:

  • Influencing parliamentarians (Members of Parliament (MPs), federal government Ministers, or Senators) by calling, writing, emailing, or meeting;

  • Publishing letters to the editor (LTEs) or op-eds in their local or national newspaper;

  • Using social media by tweeting, posting, sharing and liking - and tagging parliamentarians;

  • Attending webinars, conferences and events;

  • Donating and fundraising;

  • Collaborating with other volunteers.

Become a Results advocate

Take the first step in helping us to build a better world!

If you're interested in becoming an advocate with Results, the first thing to do is sign up for one of our Welcome Calls - where you'll learn what it means to volunteer with Results, what to expect, how to join a Lead Advocacy Group in your State/Territory (if you're interested) and how Results supports you in taking action. 


Once you take your first action as a volunteer, you will realise your potential to give people living in poverty the health, education and economic opportunity they need to thrive. Change is possible.

Our Fellowship Program

You can take your advocacy to the next level by applying to be part of Results Australia's Fellowship Program.
The Results Fellowship Program is a 12-month hands-on advocacy and leadership training program for volunteers that develops in-depth skills in generating the political will to end extreme poverty.

It is open to individuals aged 18 years and older who are based in Australia, and who want to go deeper in their learning and commitment to make meaningful impact. Learn more about this