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Our Impact

“Results has a such a lean and efficient model… it’s remarkable how much they’ve done.”
- Jim Yong Kim, former president, World Bank


With heads, hands and hearts, our advocates have contributed to some of the world’s biggest wins in the fight to end global poverty.


From mobilising billions of dollars to alleviate diseases of poverty such as tuberculosis and polio, to ensuring millions more children have access to basic education – we live up to our name, and gets results.


In the last 2 years, Results Australia:

  • Secured a $100 million Government commitment to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). CEPI is an innovative global partnership accelerating vaccine development, against diseases of epidemic and pandemic threat. CEPI aims to ensure that the price of a vaccine is never a barrier to access, and they are available to populations most in need.

  • Led ‘Light Up Red for World TB Day' in Australia, with over 70 illuminations across Australia over 2 years

  • Supported efforts to secure a $266 million Government commitment to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria. The Global Fund has saved over 50 million lives since 2002 and unites the world to build a healthier, safer and equitable future for all.

  • Secured a $43.55 million Government commitment to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI). Since GPEI was founded, polio has decreased by 99.9%; 20 million people are walking today who would otherwise be paralysed and more than 1.5 million people have been saved from the disease.

  • Trained 21 extraordinary young Australians through our Fellowship program, to develop the skills to advocate for justice, health equity, and poverty eradication.

  • Supported our incredible Advocates to meet with parliamentarians, to call for government investment in crucial anti-poverty initiatives.

Our history of impact

Results for a better world

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The global mortality rate for under-fives has declined from 93 per 1000 births (1990) to 38 per 1000 (2019). The reduction in the child mortality rate for Australia has been proportionate (from 9.2 in 1990 to 3.6 in 2019).

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44 million lives have been saved (as of the end of 2020) through health programs supported by the Global Fund (Results Australia is a key driver of the Australian Government commitment of the Global Fund — leveraging $1 billion from 2002 – present).

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The Global Partnership for Education program (which Results advocates for) has successfully allowed 160 million more children to attend schools in partner countries. 70% of partner countries have improved their learning outcomes data, and twice as many girls are attending school.

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4.7 million people with TB were treated in countries where the Global Fund invested in 2020 (quadrupled from 1 million people in 2015).

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The number of primary-school-age children out of school has declined from over 100 million (1990) to 59 million (2019).

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The incidence of diseases which affect children primarily — malaria and polio — have decreased dramatically (and polio has almost been eradicated).

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Childhood vaccination rates have increased significantly (proportion of children receiving the full course of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP) vaccine) from 75% to 86%. Vaccines to protect against the two leading causes of child mortality –pneumonia and diarrhoea – are now widely available.

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GPEI (Global Polio Eradication Initiative which Results Australia advocates for) has reduced the global incidence of polio by more than 99% since 1988. More than 10 million people are walking today who otherwise would have been paralysed.

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The $100 million Australian Government commitment to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) will facilitate more equitable access to life-saving COVID-19 vaccines in developing countries with remote populations.

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