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How we work

Results is a non-partisan and non-profit international aid and development agency operating in Australia for more than 35 years.  We mobilise a national network of Advocates with a shared mission to end extreme poverty.

No matter where people are born, everyone should have equal opportunities to fulfil their potential in life. This means having access to basic health care, quality education, good nutrition, and fair economic participation.

Why Results is effective, unique and powerful

Rather than building a large staff and operational presence in Australia, our primary focus is on getting money to where it's needed most: to communities in need.  We deliberately keep our operations compact and overheads low so we can focus our efforts on leveraging millions in government funding for vital health, education and nutrition initiatives throughout the Asia Pacific region.

We are the only development agency in Australia dedicated to advocating for global health equity. We foreground global health due to the prevalence of diseases that disproportionately affect low-income communities. Since poor health is often both a cause and effect of poverty, we see addressing health as a necessary step towards ending global poverty.

The strength of the Results movement lies in our trusted expertise and deep relationships. We are part of the
ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership,  spanning 15 countries including  India, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania, in addition to the USA, UK, France and Canada. This means we can access the latest intelligence, identify the highest priority solutions, and multiply our impact. This also means our advocacy is evidence based; we use verified, concrete information as proof to trigger change. We gather, organise and analyse information to provide the very best advice to leaders and decision makers.

Our advocacy has secured hundreds of millions of Australian Government funding for health, nutrition, and education initiatives throughout our region. These investments have transformed whole communities and, in many cases, saved millions of lives.

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ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership

Results Australia is a partner of ACTION, a partnership of locally rooted organizations around the world that advocate for life-saving care for millions of people who are threatened by preventable diseases.

The tuberculosis epidemic, low vaccination rates, and poor child nutrition disproportionately affect the world’s most vulnerable people. Affected and donor countries can end diseases of poverty and improve quality of life for all people if they step up funding and create more effective policies.

We work as equal partners to bring together efforts across borders to increase investments and build political support for global health. Over the last six years alone, ACTION partners have helped bring
$9.8 billion to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; $5 billion for Gavi, the Vaccines Alliance, to support poor countries in immunising half a billion children in 2015; and $3 billion for the long-neglected fight against undernutrition since 2013.

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Our Campaign Tactics

To ensure continued Government investment and commitment to ending global poverty, Results employs the following tactics as part of each campaign.

Parliamentary Engagement - understanding our parliamentary system and learning how we work with federal parliamentarians is key to creating change at scale. Our staff and Advocates work to build long-term positive relationships with parliamentarians across all sides of the political spectrum by regularly writing and meeting with them on issues of poverty.

Parliamentary Events - our staff arrange parliamentary events to champion global health causes with Members of Parliament.

Media Engagement - media can be a powerful tool for building political and public will to end global poverty. We engage with the media regularly to draw political and public attention to our campaigns and advocacy.

Community Engagement - whether a community event, film screening, or market stall, our staff and advocates work closely with businesses, corporations and the general public to education and inspire them to take action on issues of global poverty.

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