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Our Advocates

Our amazing advocates are our hardworking, passionate volunteers who are dedicated to ending extreme poverty.  

Our advocates are the inspiration that has created Results’ impact for more than 35 years. All across Australia, these empowered individuals volunteer their time and take action to influence Australian Government decision makers to improve policies, renew their commitment and increase financial resources to end extreme poverty.

We have hundreds of advocates and thousands of supporters who engage with decision makers in a non-partisan manner to make them aware of proven, cost-effective solutions to end extreme poverty around the world. 

Our advocates get published in the media. They engage parliamentarians directly through meetings, conversations and letter writing. They are active on social media and in the community. Most importantly, their actions are working.

Since Results Australia was founded in 1986, the number of people living in extreme poverty and the number of child deaths has been cut in half. Thanks to dedicated volunteers continuously advocating for better policies and investments, more people than ever have access to lifesaving healthcare, quality education and good nutrition.

Results advocates are equipped with the best-in-class advocacy and leadership skills so that they can take strategic action in support of ending extreme poverty with the authenticity, passion and credibility of everyday people driven by a mission.

"Results has guided me to transform all the passion I have as a young professional in the field of global health into meaningful actions. Results gave me the tools and skills to promote change and the confidence to act on my passions, and the voice to speak in front of my MP." - Results advocate

Meet some of our advocates


Our 2022
Results Fellows

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