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Leave a gift in your Will

Leaving a bequest in your Will is one of the most valuable ways you can support Results Australia. 

Your thoughtful gift will make a lasting difference to some of the world's poorest people and will support us to build a world without poverty where everyone can go to school, eat nutritious food and live free from deadly diseases.

Your bequest will help us to:

  • Plan long-term campaigns addressing health, child vaccination, nutrition and education;

  • Train the next generation of global health advocates;

  • Recruit and engage new political leaders to champion our work;

  • Hold events to raise awareness for key global health issues; and

  • Unlock millions of dollars in Government funding.

Types of bequests

Your solicitor or trustee company will advise you about the different types of bequests and which of these may suit you best. Some of the types you might consider are:

  • A specific dollar amount

  • Residual (whole): after your allocated bequests have been distributed, the residual will be left to Results Australia.

  • Residual (percentage): after your allocated bequests have been distributed, a percentage of the remaining estate is bequeathed.

  • Specific item: something specific you would like to leave to Results Australia (i.e. a property or shares). 

How to word your bequest

Should you decide to include a Gift to Results Australia in your Will, you will be leaving a wonderful legacy for a world without poverty.


The wording below can be provided to your solicitor to help ensure that your wishes are carried out.

I______________________________ of __________________________________________________ (name) (address)


Give and bequeath free of all duties and taxes payable at my death (if any)


(Please insert the appropriate statement listed below)

  1. The sum of $_______________________

  2. (insert number) % of my estate

  3. The residue of my estate (or [insert number] % of the residue of my estate)

  4. my property known as ____________________________ [e.g., real estate, art works, shares, units or other securities in listed companies]. 


to Results International (Australia) Incorporated (ABN 75 309 770 578) for the use and purposes of the said organisation. The official receipt of the organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge of my bequest.

For further information

We understand the careful consideration required in making this important decision and would be very happy to discuss this with you.


To arrange a confidential discussion or to obtain further information, please email

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