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About Results

"Democracies work best when their citizens are actively engaged. Results give every citizen the opportunity to tell their government that they care about Australia being a good international citizen."
Hon. Tanya Plibersek, Labor Member for Sydney

For the first time in history, humanity has the resources to end global poverty, what's missing is the political will. And if we want political will we need people taking action, speaking to their local parliamentarian and standing up for what they believe in. That's where Results come in.

As a global movement, we believe that no matter where people are born, everyone should have equal opportunities to fulfil their potential in life. We are building a world where everyone can go to school, eat nutritious food and live free from deadly diseases.

With democratic institutions facing collapse around the world, Results’ work is crucial in fostering healthy democracy. The impact we make on democratic processes starts with everyday people.
For more than 35 years, we have recruited, trained and empowered young Australians to participate in civic engagement and use their voice to influence political decisions on a global scale.

We inspire everyday people, politicians and corporations to take action. We join forces with some of the best thinkers, advocates and researchers to ensure the Australian Government and other key stakeholders  renew their leadership on health, education and nutrition and we push them to make high-impact financial investments that save lives.

With head, hands and heart, our advocates and changemakers have  contributed to some of the world’s biggest wins in the fight to end global poverty - and we're just getting started.

From mobilising billions of dollars to alleviate diseases of poverty such as tuberculosis and polio, to ensuring millions more children have access to basic education – Results lives up to its name, and gets results.