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Grassroots advocacy

At the heart of Results are our advocates, people from all walks of life who want to make a difference

Our advocates are the inspiration that has created Results’ impact for more than 35 years. All across Australia, they take action to influence Australian Government decision makers to improve policies, renew their commitment and increase financial resources to end extreme poverty.

Results advocates are equipped with the best-in-class advocacy and leadership skills so that they can take strategic action in support of ending extreme poverty with the authenticity, passion and credibility of everyday people driven by a mission.

influencing MPs

Our advocates engage with decision makers in a non-partisan manner to make them aware of proven, cost-effective solutions to end extreme poverty around the world. We offer regular briefings and training on the issues that are causing poverty around the world, and on how best to approach MPs, enabling our volunteer advocates to become effective campaigners for change.

raising awareness

Results volunteer advocates raise issues in their communities, for example, running stalls at local events, holding public meetings or sharing information online or in local media and publications. Building public awareness about what’s going on in the world is an essential first step towards changing things for the better.

building relationships

By campaigning for specific issues, regularly engaging with MPs through face-to-face meetings and letter writing, our advocates become trusted sources of information. Together our advocates demonstrate that there is a constituency of local support for overcoming global poverty. Over time and through collective efforts, this becomes highly influential and impactful.

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