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Stepping Up to End TB

The UN High-Level Meeting on TB in September is a critical opportunity to get initiatives to test, treat and prevent TB back on track after COVID-19 setbacks. 

Australian science, funding, programs and leadership have made a significant impact in the global fight against tuberculosis. Together with partners collaborating to end TB globally, Results Australia has prepared a brief outlining Australia’s contribution to the global effort to test, treat and prevent TB, and recommendations to do more.


To accelerate efforts in the fight against TB,

Australia must:

  • Mobilise additional funds and expand access
    to quality and affordable TB prevention,
    diagnosis, treatment and care

  • Partner with governments in our region to
    strengthen programs for TB, with priority action
    on equity, inclus
    ion, gender and human rights

  • Accelerate the research, development, roll-out
    and acce
    ss to new TB tools, vaccines,
    diagnostics and treatments, and approaches
    such as screening and prevention

  • Provide support for decisive and accountable
    global, regional, and national leadership to

  • Promote strong integration across the three
    LMs and ensure an emphasis on strengthening
    health systems at the 2023 SDG Summit in
    New York.

Read our advocacy brief or get in touch to find
out more.

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