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Grassroots Highlight: Perth Advocate, Joe

Results advocates are amazing! They are the heart of our grassroots activities, taking action to advocate for a world without poverty.

Welcome to our grassroots highlight series, where each month we will be shining a light on one of our amazing advocates by asking a set of questions. Please say hello to Joe!

Tell us briefly about who you are

I am a law graduate who resides on the sunny West Coast of Perth WA. Interests include surfing, writing, volunteering, and attempting (rather terribly) to learn a language. The past year has seen me dabble in governance and compliance for not-for-profits and private business. But recently I’ve returned to working in a legal support role in criminal law.

Why are you passionate about ending global poverty?

Studying law and volunteering for community organisations over my professional and academic career has allowed me to witness firsthand the emotional distress individuals undergo when inadequate support is provided to them when placed in positions of poverty. It can be very empowering and fulfilling to witness when individuals’ groups are enabled to lift themselves out of poverty.

Why did you join Results?

I have always been interested in politics and the parliamentary process. I joined Results to get involved with advocacy and meet other people who were interested in making change. For me, getting involved with Results meant joining an organisation that enacted change to empower communities on a local, national, and global level.

What does advocacy mean to you?

Advocacy for me is the concerted effort from a group to enact and push change for better. No matter how big or small the change is. Part of that effort includes communicating a message, liaising with decision-makers, and participating in the policymaking process using a multi-faceted approach.

What has been your favourite advocacy moment with Results?

Seeing Perth CBD light its buildings red for the Tuberculosis awareness and being there to see it. It was really cool to meet everyone on the West Coast outside of a Zoom call and see everyone’s efforts come to fruition.


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