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Grassroots Highlight: Advocate, Dan Child

Results advocates are amazing! They are the heart of our grassroots activities, taking action to advocate for a world without poverty.

Welcome to our grassroots highlight series, where each month we will be shining a light on one of our amazing advocates by asking a set of questions. Please say hello to Dan!

1. Tell us briefly about who you are

Hailing from the south of England, I’ve lived in Sydney for the past 8 years, coming to Australia with my wife for what was then ‘a couple of years’! Having fully acclimatised to life down under, I’m a father to an 18-month-old son and have a daughter on the way in September. I work for a data analytics business and got involved with Results around a year ago.

2. Why are you passionate about ending global poverty?

Being fortunate enough to have lived a relatively privileged life, I believe there’s a moral imperative to do what I can to help others afforded less chances simply because of where they live, the family they were born into, or any other factors outside of their control.

3. Why did you join Results?

Results appealed to me because it provides an opportunity to be hands-on in making things happen. The way campaigns work, there’s plenty of opportunities to not only leverage my prior educational, professional and volunteer experience but also for me to develop new skills in areas I’m really passionate about, like grass-roots advocacy and writing.

4. What does advocacy mean to you?

It means supporting and helping give a voice to, disadvantaged individuals or groups. Making sure those stories and interests are known through advocacy can bring about positive change and prevent further discrimination from taking place.

5. What has been your favourite advocacy moment with Results?

I really enjoyed the most recent campaign for global education, #RaiseYourHand. It was amazing to see the event go from concept to slick production within a matter of weeks. Although it was all hands to the pump in the days leading up to the event, seeing a well-respected group of panellists speak so articulately on their educational experiences, and what we can do to help those at risk of being denied education, was inspiring and made the mad rush all worthwhile!


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