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Alex's fellowship experience

The Global Health Fellowship was a challenging yet rewarding experience that I am very grateful for. As soon as the Fellowship started, it was brilliant to meet the other Fellows and learn about what inspires them, and what motivated them to apply for the Fellowship.

At the beginning of the program, we all travelled down to Canberra for our Retreat, which was a great opportunity to meet in person, have some dedicated learning about the importance of relational advocacy, some strategies on how best to do it, and how that all ties back to global health equity and working to eradicate global poverty. We were also lucky enough to not only meet inspiring experts in global health and advocacy, but to also meet with a few MPs at Parliament House who are equally committed to ending global poverty and partner with Results Australia.

As the year travelled on we designed and co-led a community consultation process with Results staff, connecting with our communities to learn about their interaction with global health advocacy, how they relate to their policymakers and MPs, and what they know about the ongoing impact and effect of global health inequities. I was lucky enough to have one Results’ board members in my consultation and we had a meaningful discussion about their history and experience across the world, and how global health inequity crosses so many borders.

I would highly recommend the Fellowship to anyone who is passionate about global health equity and learning about the power of advocacy and grassroots movements.

Alex Norden is a 2023 Results Australia Global Health Fellow and Master of Public Health student at the University of Sydney.


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