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Results Lead 
Advocacy Groups

Joining a Lead Advocacy Group is the best way to support our work to improve global health.
Lead Advocacy Groups are organised at a region or State/Territory level and are made up of committed everyday people from diverse backgrounds. Lead Advocacy Groups create positive change by leading and driving collective and coordinated campaign actions in their communities to advance global health equity and generate the political will to end global poverty.

Once you have signed up as a Results Advocate you have the option to join your local Lead Advocacy Group. Lead Advocacy Groups consist of a Group Coordinator and group members who meet regularly to organise collective actions to inspire others and help to end global poverty.

Lead Advocacy Groups - at a glance

Currently Results operates groups in:

  • Queensland

  • Sydney

  • Western Sydney

  • ACT

  • Victoria

  • South Australia

  • Western Australia

Please reach out our Community Organiser, Erin Wicking (, if you'd like support to start a new Lead Advocacy Group in your area.

The impact of our Lead Advocacy Groups

MP engagement activities
Lead Advocacy Groups are an invaluable support network for our Advocates around the country. Group members encourage and support each other to take individual actions, such as writing for advocacy and speaking to MPs. In 2022 we engaged with 55 MPs to make the case for global health. Together, Lead Advocacy Group members played a vital role in scheduling, planning and attending 23 meetings to highlight the importance of global health equity and pressure Australia’s government to make strong financial pledges for global health initiatives.

Promoting World TB Day
Each year in the lead-up to 24 March, our Lead Advocacy Groups help to promote World TB Day. In 2022, our volunteers reached out to venues across Australia and to light up 50 buildings and monuments across Australia to raise awareness of tuberculosis, an infectious disease that directly affects approximately 10 million people each year. To find our more about our World TB Day activities, please click here.

Local community events
In 2022, our Lead Advocacy Groups ran some fantastic local events including:

ACT - The ACT Group ran “Change the Results: the impacts of climate change on health and poverty”, a panel discussion to help community members in Canberra learn more about the impacts of climate change on global health and poverty. This included a presentation from guest speaker Dr Arnagretta Hunter, a cardiologist and Human Futures Fellow from ANU’s College of Health and Medicine.

VIC - The VIC Group hosted a film night and panel discussion “Global Health Advocates” which featured a screening of the documentary, Bending the Arc. The event increased awareness of the importance of advocacy in tackling global health challenges. The panel included a conversation with five public health professionals and clinical specialists.

WA - The WA Group ran “Becoming changemakers: creating a plan of action”,  a networking and panel discussion event to connect young change-makers and empower them to start making change locally.

To join a Lead Advocacy Group, please sign up to become a Results Advocate.

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