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Host a fundraising event

Holding your own fundraising event is a great way to show your support for Results' work in ending global poverty.

You may already have an idea in mind for your special event, or the below suggestions might help: 

  • Hold a morning tea at home or at work and ask everyone to make a donation.

  • Take your fundraising to work and ask your colleagues to make a gold coin donation for every cup of tea or coffee they drink for the week.

  • Ask your employer to match the donations you raise at work.

  • Host a games, movie or card night for your friends and family.

  • Arrange a trivia night at home or at your local pub.

  • Host a wine and cheese tasting night (don't forget to purchase your wine from GoodWill Wine in support of Results!).

What's involved?

It's easy to hold a fundraising event for Results Australia. Simply:

  1. Get in touch with us and let us know about your event – call 0456 623 769 or email

  2. Wait to receive your Authority to Fundraise letter from Results.

  3. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to attend your fundraising event.

  4. Have fun and don’t forget to send us photos!

  5. Submit your donation and be proud that you’ve supported Results Australia.

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