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Results was proud to be one of five leading Australian agencies advocating for global vaccine equity as a partner in the #EndCOVIDForAll campaign. Bringing together over 200 business, faith, union, tourism, and academic groups, we called on the Australian Government to contribute its fair share in the global response to COVID-19.


Inaction is simply not an option. It’s estimated 150 million more people will end up in extreme poverty as a result of the pandemic. Inaction risks reversing decades of hard won gains in poverty reduction, health, education, food security, and gender and disability inclusion.

In 2020 Results was a key leader and contributor to the EndCOVIDForAll campaign. The campaign achieved significant influence via:

  • Widespread media coverage;

  • Prominent spokespeople (including Professor Fiona Stanely and Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard);

  • 45 meetings with high level policy makers, many involving Results advocates, CEO and Board members, and;

  • A successful social media campaign that reached millions of Australians

The outcome was $1.1 billion in new commitments to support countries in our region including $500 million for vaccine roll out in the Pacific and South-East Asia

In 2021 Results joined together with Australia’s leading global health and aid organisations to co-author an expert report - A Shot of Hope - making the case for an ambitious, expansive, and intelligent investment to vaccinate the world. To date, we have successfully secured over 60 million vaccine doses for our region and over $600 million dollars in investment, but it’s not over yet.

The rise of the Omicron variant across the world in late 2021, once again reaffirmed the critical need for rapid, and widespread vaccination. Without this, there is a significant risk that variants will not respond to existing vaccines or boosters, similar to what has been seen with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.


In response, we helped gather 10 prominent Australians to write an Open Letter to the PM on Global Vaccine Equity. Signatories included some of Australia’s leading voices including Jane Halton AO, Jennifer Westacott AO, Professor Brendan Crabb AC, Professor Sharon Lewin AO & Tim Costello AO. This left a significant impression on key decision-makers and received strong media coverage.


In 2022, Results will continue leading the push for Australia to commit its fair share to the COVAX facility, in addition to our regional commitments and advocating to the next parliament on the importance of strong investment in pandemic preparedness and response, and global health infrastructure.

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