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Budget Submission for 2018-19 – Setting the Scene for Our Advocacy

While the release date for the 2018-19 Federal Budget is Tuesday 8 May 2018, Ministers will be making decisions on measures to include in the Budget between now and late March, so now is the time to let the Government know what we are looking for in the Budget.  We have already seen in the last few weeks media reports on Budget proposals by industry and professional groups, as stakeholders promote their priorities.

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Charities Warn Australia’s Foreign Donation Laws Will Strangle Advocacy

December 7 was meant to be a day of celebration in Parliament House with legislation finally passing in support of marriage equality. But for Australia’s NGOs, celebrations were muted with the release of a bill with stiff new rules for charities working abroad. For RESULTS Australia chief executive officer, Maree Nutt, there was deep concern for what the legislation would mean for her organization which is reliant on international funding and support to educate parliamentarians on a range of global issues including immunization, tuberculosis, nutrition, and education.

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Despite progress made in polio eradication, initiative phaseout poses threat to at-risk countries

“Rethinking how to achieve global health goals, such as universal immunization, can be daunting, especially when restricted within large global programs and financing mechanisms,” Laura Kerr, LLM, a policy advocacy officer for child health at RESULTS UK, and Leila Stennett, campaigns director at RESULTS Australia, wrote. “Yet the scale of the wind down of the [Global Polio Eradication Initiative] partnership is something that has never happened before.”

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