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ACTION CALL – Hands Off Our Charities Campaign

A thriving democracy needs many voices and a robust and vibrant public debate. We know Australians overwhelmingly (76%) support ALL

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At government hearings, Australian NGOs get harsh reception

“Given that it is the first week back in parliament, now is time to put ourselves in front of critically the Australian Labor Party, Greens and the crossbenchers,” Nutt explained to Devex. “Our position is to recommend for a dumping of legislation as it is currently drafted because there are just too many things that are too major — and it needs major work.”

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Global Partnership for Education receives $2.3 billion for education – but falls short of $3.1 billion target

“While RESULTS welcomes a further contribution to GPE, Australia is becoming less generous with each replenishment.  This pledge is a far cry from Australia’s four- year pledge of $270 million in  2011 which then dropped to $140 million from 2014.  This new commitment also falls well short of the broad civil society campaign asking for $200 million, ”says Ms. Nutt.

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    Join us for a panel featuring two international TB advocates, Dr Joyce Sauk (PNG) and Ingrid Schoeman (South Africa), who will share their experiences of surviving TB and now working to end the disease. Learn more about the topic, meet these remarkable women and other like-minded RESULTS supporters. In 2016, TB killed 1.7 million people and 10.4 million people became ill. TB is a preventable, curable disease that has been around for thousands of years but a lack of awareness and political will means that millions still … read more

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