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Making Friends and Organising Quiz Nights

RESULTS Hobart show us how to run an excellent event

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Board Governance – what does our board do?

Most people don’t ever come into contact with boards and what they know comes from the Mary Poppins movie with old crusty men who are crabby and mean! I promise you, no board I have worked with looks like that.

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Working to support TB’s youngest and most vulnerable

But TB is an airborne, bacterial illness and the risk of contracting it increases with crowded living conditions, malnutrition and other infections such as HIV. All of this is complicated by emerging drug-resistant forms of the disease which are costlier and more complicated to treat.

While TB rates are falling around the world this is not happening as quickly as for other major illnesses, and the Asia-Pacific carries over 60% of the world’s TB burden.

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    Join our volunteers, staff, and guest speaker Adele Neale to be inspired, informed and prepared for action in this one hour conference call…

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