Our Campaigns

Current Campaigns

Hands Off Our Charities

Legislation was introduced by the current government late last year that threaten the existence of  charities like RESULTS. We need to stop it in its tracks.

Tuberculosis and Other Diseases

Explore the RESULTS Australia TB campaigns.


See how RESULTS Australia campaigns to provide access to immunisation.


Other Campaigns

Australian Aid

We are responding to the latest round of aid cuts in the Federal Budget by writing to our MPs, and asking others to take action with us.


Since 2010 RESULTS  has campaigned for inclusive and equitable access to education.



Since we began in the 1990’s RESULTS RESULTS Australia has campaigned for increased access by the poorest people to credit and financial services since our early days in the 1990’s.



Improving nutrition, especially among children, has been a priority issue for RESULTS since we began promoting action to government.