About Us

We are building a world where everyone can access healthcare, education and nutritious food. 

One in six children live in extreme poverty. These children have dreams, but many don’t have the chance to live free from deadly diseases, attend school or eat enough food to thrive. 

We are community of everyday people using our collective voice to change this.

What we do

For the first time ever, humanity has the resources to end extreme poverty. What’s missing is the political will to do it.

We do this by building the political and public will to end poverty.

We run campaigns that empower thousands of people to write to newspapers, organise events, meet politicians, run social media campaigns and use their unique skills and networks to end poverty.

In Australia alone, people-powered movements have won women’s rights, workers rights, universal healthcare, marriage equality and more.

By using our collective voice to end poverty, the Results community has achieved major victories on COVID-19, nutrition, education and we’re just getting started. 

Our History

As an international movement, Results began in 1980, when Sam Daley-Harris, a teacher and musician, brought together several groups of motivated volunteers in Los Angeles.

Our Leadership

We are a large grassroots movement in Australia with dedicated staff advocating on behalf of our causes, and a Board of Directors who support them.


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Results gratefully receives support for our mission from a variety of partners.

Life Members

Life memberships of Results Australia are awarded in recognition of exceptional and distinguished service over a significant period.

Results Ambassadors

Results Australia’s ambassador program.