We Can Do More for Hungry Children

Micheal Picone | The Mercury | 30 December 2017

I AGREE with reader Marie-Gregory-Naum (Letters, December 29). I have tried living below the poverty line on less than $2 a day for a week, in support of an NGO’s work. I am grateful to be living in Australia but feel we as a nation can afford to do significantly more to aid the 15,000 children under five years who die every singe day from hunger and malnutrition diseases.

My Hope for 2018 is our Government will return real funding growth to the aid budget. These children deserve a healthy life and education. Australia has cut $11.3 billion from aid programs over the past five years. As a signatory to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, this is not showing good leadership in helping meet the agreed targets by 2010. Funds wasted by government would easily improve the lives of the poor, domestically and internationally.

Michael Picone, Kingston Beach