Despite progress made in polio eradication, initiative phaseout poses threat to at-risk countries

GPEI photo - smiling child

“Rethinking how to achieve global health goals, such as universal immunization, can be daunting, especially when restricted within large global programs and financing mechanisms,” Laura Kerr, LLM, a policy advocacy officer for child health at RESULTS UK, and Leila Stennett, campaigns director at RESULTS Australia, wrote. “Yet the scale of the wind down of...

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Risks and opportunities as funding for polio disappears with the disease

The dissolution of a partnership the size of GPEI is unprecedented. GPEI investments have supported polio vaccinations, trained and supported human resources, as well as provided technical programmatic support. These investments have had an impact well beyond polio eradication in many countries, supporting routine immunisation systems and allowing for other...

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RESULTS Action Call

Join the July 30 RESULTS Action Call featuring guest speaker Paul O'Callaghan from Caritas speaking about the famine crisis....

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