Image: Daisy and Lindsey pose with Dr Mike Freelander MP on our 2017 Study Tour.

Last month we wrote letters to parliamentarians to support the aims of our Study Tour delegates, who held 35 meetings at Parliament House with 27 parliamentarians and 8 advisors. They secured commitments to make speeches, and move motions in the House of Representatives and Senate.

This month we are building on that success, by meeting with parliamentarians at home in their electorates.

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Take Action Now

  • Organise a meeting with your federal MP or a Senator (someone we did not meet on the Study Tour) from your state, to discuss Australia’s response to the famine and the need for Australia’s aid to be rebuilt.
    • Take along copies of relevant media, and our “A Fair Go, Not Famine” poster.
    • Ask them to take supportive, and ideally public, action – like making a speech, writing to the Minister, or appearing in the media.
  • Work with your group to organise your Anti-Poverty Week event.

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