RESULTS Australia Leadership
Awards 2019

RESULTS Australia Leadership Annual Awards celebrate and acknowledge the hard work and commitment of parliamentarians, volunteers, journalists, not for profit and corporate partners who support the vital campaigning and advocacy work of RESULTS Australia. They are a means of recognising high performing supporters and showing our appreciation of their input.

Nominations came from Volunteers, Staff and Board members of RESULTS and we thank  everyone nominated for their substantial contribution to our advocacy and efforts to increase investment in Australian aid to combat the medical and economic ravages of polio, TB and childhood under-nutrition.

On October 31 2019 RESULTS welcomed guests, nominees and award winners to the office of Colin Biggers Paisley, our generous event sponsors for an inspitring evening.

We started the evening with our inspiring speaker Professor David Isaacs, Consultant Paediatrician at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, and Clinical Professor in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney. Professor Isaacs is also the author of the compelling story of vaccination – ‘Defeating the Ministers of Death’. 

RESULTS Leadership Awards
Nominees and Winners 2019

RESULTS Political Leadership Awards

Parliamentarians make significant contributions to RESULTS work as hard working and influential leaders of the Parliamentary TB Caucus, which informs MPs and Senators of the value of funding research, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis which kills 1.6 million people every year leaving millions more devastated by life limiting side effects.


  • The Hon Warren Entsch MP
  • The Hon Matt Thistlethwaite MP
  • Former Senator The Hon Lisa Singh
  • The Hon Sharon Claydon MP


  • The Hon Warren Entsch MP – the passionate leader and Co-Chair of the Australian TB Caucus and the Asia Pacific TB Caucus See Warrens Video here
  • The Hon Lisa Singh former Senator for Tasmania – the recently retired Co-Chair of the Australian TB Caucus See Lisa’s Video here

RESULTS Volunteer Leadership Awards – Long Term Volunteer

Volunteers are our lifeblood – without them we would achieve little  – they are deeply committed to RESULTS and are valued highly by RESULTS they write letters, they write to their MP, they visit their MP and they trek to Canberra to meet their MP and other MPs and senators there. Some get out and run or cycle brining sponsorship funds to our work or they organise dinners, trivia nights and mud runs!


  • David Bailey – Canberra – A former board member and Finance provider, a leader of the Canberra group, a very active and engaged member who knows Parliament house like the back of his hand.
  • Peter Graves – Writing Group– has been active and engaged in multiple roles including as a founding member for over thirty years and remains a busy letter writer to the media and his MP and advocating in Canberra. He is happy working in the background and shuns the limelight
  • Mike Picone – Tasmania– a leader of the Tasmania Group, a passionate advocate who has visited MPs across Tasmania over many years, and a person who has engaged many young and older people to join the Tasmanian group.


  • Mike Picone – In addition Mike has introduced a number of events attracting wide community support and making him our major fundraiser over many years. His group has been very active and engaged.

RESULTS Volunteer Leadership Awards – New Volunteers (Less than 2 years)

Volunteers are our lifeblood – without them we would achieve little  – they are deeply committed to RESULTS and are valued highly by RESULTS they write letters, they write to their MP, they visit their MP and they trek to Canberra to meet their MP and other MPs and senators there. Some get out and run or cycle brining sponsorship funds to our work or they organise dinners, trivia nights and mud runs!


  • John Walker  – Sydney  – active and energetic in meeting MP’s, has been very successful in invigorating and growing the Sydney group, attended & supported events from start to finish, he is 100% engaged.
  • Janet Spencer – In Canberra Janet has been very active since joining us, she has been an active letter writer getting excellent responses from MP’s and Senators and attended Parliamentary events.
  • Melodie Vanwyk – – works with the Canberra group, has visited Parliament house and is establishing a second group at ANU she gathered 70 new volunteers.


  • John Walker is an active and energetic volunteer in Sydney who has been growing the group and its activities , meeting MPs, and supporting events. His studies are in development economics so his engagement with RESULTS has provided great value.

RESULTS Media Leader Award

RESULTS relies heavily on the support of media in bringing important stories about global health to the attention of the Australian Public and highlighting the vital impact of Australian Aid.


  • Lisa Cornish – Devex, Lisa has written a number of articles on RESULTS, TB and Highlighted the importance of our work when government policy threatened our future, Lisa’s article helped influence public opinion and Government changed its legislation. (Read mpre here)
  • Jo Chandler – Freelance Journalist and academic who has written a number of stories on TB after travelling to Africa, Afghanistan and PNG and faced the shock of being diagnosed with drug resistant TB and the insights delivered by painful and frightening treatment over 2 years and a long time in hospital before recovering (Recent articles include: Ebola with wings and Plagued)
  • Annabel Stafford –a free-lance journalist who went to see firsthand the impact of TB in Australia and Liberia and wrote informative and illuminating articles (Read more here)


  • Lisa Cornish

  • Jo Chandler

RESULTS Not For Profit Partner Award

Without partners in campaigning and advocacy we would be a small voice – we are more powerful and effective when we work with capable and hardworking partners – each of us has our speciality and works to eliminate global poverty through health programs. Four nominees who all contribute so much so this was a very difficult decision for the award committee.


  • Burnet Institute – works to achieve better health for vulnerable communities in Australia and internationally by accelerating the translation of research, discovery and evidence into sustainable health solutions.

  • FIND is turning complex diagnostic challenges into simple solutions to overcome diseases of poverty and transform lives.

  • TB Alliance is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the discovery, development and delivery of better, faster-acting and affordable tuberculosis drugs that are available to those who need them See TB Alliance video here

  • Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030.


  • Global Citizen, an active and energetic partner on polio as well as other campaigns to eliminate extreme poverty


Corporate Leader Award

We are an incredibly efficient organisation, operating on slim income and converting that to many many times its  original value in global health investment through reliable and trustworthy global institutions including the Global Fund and Gavi the Vaccine alliance which will eradicate polio once and for all.

We can calculate our return on investment at around 3000% in a modest year – now what business wouldn’t want that as a KPI! But unlike business we don’t get the money ourselves it all goes to save lives and eradicate diseases of poverty through the organisations that ensure every cent gets applied where most needed. 

So we are very grateful for the companies and individuals who support our work to enrol volunteers, produce expert research papers, advocate, cajole and encourage Parliamentarians to invest aid funds where they do most good.

Our valuable corporate partners provide us with direct funds, substantial discounts and in-kind donations for which we are immensely grateful.


  • Assura- Our external auditor who provide us with a heavily discounted rate that helps our bottom line and ensures our annual reports meet our stringent accountability and transparency requirements.
  • Christie Spaces  our very generous supporter who provide us with a fabulous office space in North Sydney in a co-working environment that is a joy for staff to work in, flexible, much closer to the city, transport & qualified staff, and a far better  environment.
  • Enspira – Our hard-working financial service provider which donates back to RRESULTS a substantial amount each year and works hard for us because we are a transparent and accountable organisation so our accounts for grant funding have to be squeaky clean and down to the last cent to keep our donors happy and our Board smiling.


  • Enspira Financial is our hard-working financial service provider which donates back to RESULTS a substantial amount each year and ensures our book-keeping, financial records and reports are accurate and squeaky clean because we are a transparent and accountable organisation.