World TB Day

As the world focuses on COVID-19, another pandemic is also causing major loss of life. Every year 1.4 million people die from Tuberculosis (TB) but we hear little about it because it affects the poor and marginalised. TB is a major public health emergency and it is time for the global community to act. 

Every year, on 24 March, the world unites to raise awareness of the devastating health, social, and economic impacts of TB and call for adequate government investment to address the pandemic. World TB Day is a chance for us to urge global leaders to end TB by 2030.

World TB Day Virtual Parliamentary Event – 24 March 2021

Results with support from partners, organised the World TB Day Virtual Parliamentary Event on 24 March. With close to 70 participants from Australia and around the world, amazing speakers and rich discussions, the event was incredibly informative and enjoyable.

If you missed the event please watch the recording here.


We mustn't forget the fight against tuberculosis

The Canberra Times

As the world struggles to come to grips with COVID-19, there’s another pandemic that has been raging since the time of the pharaohs that will kill more than one…


Landmarks turn red to raise awareness for Tuberculosis


FIFTY buildings nationwide, including Canberra landmarks such as Old Parliament House, will turn red tomorrow (March 24) to raise awareness for…

Painting the town red for TB

The Manly Observer

Manly Town Hall was lit red on Wednesday evening in solidarity with Results Australia as they fight against the global spread of Tuberculosis (TB).

Tuberculosis Australia: Silent pandemic the world is ignoring


A Perth woman went through 18 months of hell with a forgotten disease that up to one million Aussies unknowingly have in their bodies.


Red light to halt pandemic

Star Journal

The Drum theatre in Dandenong was lit up red in recognition of the 1.4 million people who die from tuberculosis each year.

Ongoing epidemic remains among world’s deadliest

News GP

GP Dr Janice Tan explains how an ‘ancient disease’ mostly found thousands of kilometres away still impacts Australia.

World TB Day E-Booklet

Want to know more about the TB pandemic and why ending Tuberculosis for all is so important? Why tackling it is a key part of ending global poverty and what role Australia can play? Read our fascinating World TB Day E-booklet with facts and insights from our partners.

This booklet is an amalgamation of perspectives from TB leaders, experts and innovators to build an investment case for Australia’s leadership in the fight against TB globally and in our region.

We hope you find the following articles informative, inspiring and a call to action.

Light Up Red for TB

This year we joined the global Light Up Red for TB campaign, lighting up red iconic buildings and monuments across Australia on 24 March, in solidarity with the 1.4 million people who lose their lives to TB each year.

See the locations that participated:

Thank you all for joining us around the country, showing your support in ending this deadly disease. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about TB, meet other like minded people and help bring an end to this devastating pandemic. 

This World TB Day we are calling on the Australian Government to increase funding for TB research and development and to support TB projects in the Indo Pacific region.