Together, we can end TB and save lives
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TB anywhere is TB everywhere


TB is one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases, often devastating poor and marginalized communities. It is an airborne disease caused by bacteria that primarily affects the lungs and has plagued humanity for millenia. 

Over the past two centuries, TB has killed more than one billion people.

Remarkably, we can end TB within a decade. To do this, we must support countries to diagnose and treat the disease effectively.  

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Many countries use 100-year-old techniques to diagnose the disease and the current treatments mostly include drugs that were discovered 50 years ago. Furthermore, several drugs that have been introduced recently are unaffordable and inaccessible for many people.

We must also improve treatment for drug-resistant forms of TB, which happens when the bacteria that causes TB no longer responds to the drugs that commonly treat it. 

Most importantly, we must build the political will necessary to fund new diagnostics, drugs and a TB vaccine.

“We have known how to cure TB for more than 50 years. What we have lacked is the will and the resources to quickly diagnose people with TB and get them the treatment they need.”

Nelson Mandela

Our campaign ask

Increase Australia’s contribution to the Global Fund

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is a partnership working to end these epidemics, saving 44 million lives since its inception and roviding 77% of international financing for TB.

This is why we are calling on Australia to invest at least a further $450 million in the Global Fund to end TB and save lives later this year.

Increased funding for TB R&D

Increased funding for TB research and development (R&D) to meet Australia’s globally agreed ‘fair share’ target of 0.01% of our gross R&D.

The COVID-19 pandemic proves that infectious diseases do not respect borders. Prior to COVID-19, TB was the leading infectious disease killer globally, and the majority of the global TB burden continues to be in our region.

What can I do?

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Our Voice

Ingrid Schoeman

TB survivor from TB Proof, South Africa

Watch Ingrid share her vision of a world with out TB.

Dr Joyce Sauk

Watch Joyce, a medical doctor and a TB survivor from PNG, talk about the importance of Australian investment in Tuberculosis.

The below graphic depicts the summary results from a modeling study, conducted by the Stop TB Partnership in collaboration with the Imperial College, Avenir Health, Johns Hopkins University and USAID.

  • While stringent COVID-19 responses may only last months, they would have a lasting impact on TB in high-burden settings, through their effect mainly on TB diagnosis and treatment. 
  • 3-month lockdown and a protracted 10-month restoration is a worst case scenario used in the modelling.
  • While the modelling analysis principally focuses on India, Kenya and Ukraine, findings from these countries were extrapolated to the global level.
  • Long-term outcomes can be strongly influenced by the pace of short-term recovery.

Australian Tuberculosis Caucus

The Australian TB Caucus (ATBC) is a key component of Results work on TB.

The ATBC brings together federal Members of the House of Representatives (MPs) and Senators with a keen interest in TB to work together to ensure Australia makes its best contribution to global eradication of the disease.

Learn more about the Australian TB Caucus >

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