End COVID For All

It's not over until it's over for everyone

As we’ve seen in Australia, it’s never been more important to tackle COVID-19 together.

While Australia has one of the world’s best healthcare systems, many of our neighbours around the world are ill-equipped for a pandemic.

With no fences standing between any of us and COVID-19, we must stand in solidarity with all our neighbours, and encourage our government to provide vital support to vulnerable nations. 

This doesn’t end for anyone until it ends for everyone.

It’s not over until it’s over for everyone.

‘Shot at Hope’ Report

Results is delighted to have co-authored the reportShot of Hopealong with an Expert Advisory Group. This report makes the case for an ambitious, expansive, and intelligent investment to vaccinate the world.

Ending COVID-19 for all by the end of 2022 is possible. But we must take action right now to help our global neighbours. It’s our best shot at achieving health, prosperity & fairness, together.

Co-authored by Burnet Institute, Micah Australia, Australian Global Health Alliance, Pacific Friends of Global Health, UNICEF Australia, Médecins Sans Frontières Australia, Australian Council for International Development, Save the Children Australia, World Vision Australia and Global Citizen.

The Solutions

While Australia has one of the world’s best healthcare systems, too many of our global neighbours are far worse off. In fact, they’re in crisis. Thankfully we can help.

Will we be the generation that helped end COVID for everyone? Or just ourselves?

“COVID-19 could push over 70 million people into extreme poverty”

The Ask

With your support the Australian Government can partner with global institutions, Australian NGOs and our regional neighbours, to address the worst impacts of COVID-19 on the world’s most vulnerable nations and communities.

We have some ideas around how to do this:

End the Pandemic

Invest a further $500 million in the global effort to ensure equitable access to safe and effective COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines.

Strengthen health systems in our region

Invest $1 billion to address the secondary health impacts of the pandemic in our region including; HIV, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Child & Maternal Health and more, while also insuring against future crises.

Stop Famine

Provide an emergency $150 million famine prevention package to address rising hunger and child malnutrition.

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