The last four months of our campaigning at RESULTS have focussed on advocating for the Australian Government to join in the global effort to tackle famine and cholera outbreaks in Yemen and East Africa.

Our advocacy saw the government pledge a total of $30 million dollars – $20 million dollars that will go to provide international relief efforts to the 13 million people who have fled their homes in Somalia and South Sudan. A further $10million will go to Yemen to assist those who do not have access to food and health services to those experiencing famine including clean water to some 30,000 people with cholera.

Our work culminated in Anti Poverty Week events around the country this week which provided an opportunity to highlight how, when we work together and combine our voice, we can make a real impact.

Growing the RESULTS community

This week we held events in Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra and Perth as part of Anti Poverty Week and there will be another one later in November for the Western Sydney group. Let’s celebrate and hear from those groups about some highlights and lessons learnt.   

These events present an opportunity to bring  more people into  the RESULTS community. The follow up actions  we take will be  as important in growing our groups as the events themselves. Let’s not let this opportunity go to waste.

We will focus this month’s Action Call  (being held on Sunday October 22) on both our supporter journey for potential new volunteers – from some conversation starters  to engage people new to RESULTS to the steps to keep newcomers engaged.

Many of you have shared the challenge of finding new team members, this is the perfect exercise for all of us to have a share focus and collective actions in tackling that.

Our Community Engagement Manager, Ricky Keung will lead the discussion.

Full Fact and Action Sheet