‘Miliary tuberculosis’ by Yale Rosen, Flickr


New political push to raise TB awareness in Australia

There’s been a new political push to tackle the problem of Tuberculosis in the Asia-Pacific region. Today the Australian TB Caucus was launched in Canberra. It’s a group of politicians across political parties pledging to make combating TB a priority. Tuberculosis or TB is a bacterial disease that mist commonly affects the lungs. ITs symptoms include coughing, sometimes with blood, fever, chest pain, weakness and weight loss. TB rivals HIV/AIDS as the world’s most deadly infectious disease killing about one-point-five million people a year, with 60-percent of those cases are in our region. But it doesn’t get the attention that HIV does. The TB Caucus aims to change that.

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Featured in story:
Warren Entsch, Member for Leichardt Queensland, Co-Chair of the Australian TB Caucus
Maree Nutt, CEO RESULTS Australia
Lusiana Aprilawati, Indonesian TB survivor and advocate