This World TB Day on 24 March, local councils across Australia are committed to lighting up significant buildings to shine a  RED light on the global TB crisis and the need to stop it in its tracks. From Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Town Halls to Convention Centres in Darwin and Devonport, significant monuments around the country will be lit in solidarity with the Global Light Up Red for TB Campaign.

Light up Red for Tuberculosis (TB) is a global campaign to draw attention to the 1.5 million deaths caused by TB each year and to show solidarity to the millions of people affected. Every year countries across the world come together on this day by lighting up building and significant monuments in RED. (You can learn more about the campaign here).

Not many Australians are aware that TB kills more people than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. It is the world’s biggest infectious disease killer,  and doesn’t respect borders. Every year more than 1500 people in Australia suffer from this disease. What is more alarming is the latent (dormant) form of TB which is estimated to have infected about one million people in Australia. If you have latent TB, the TB bacteria in your body are ‘asleep’. You are not ill and you cannot pass TB on to others. However, the bacteria might ‘wake up’ in the future, for example, when your immune system is down, making you ill with active TB.

RESULTS Australia started bringing councils in Australia into the campaign in 2019. Last year was a fantastic start with 14 locations light up.  This year, as on 10 March, 19 major cities and towns in Australia are lighting up 21 buildings and landmarks Red to mark World TB Day on 24 March. Many more councils are expected to confirm in the coming days before World TB Day, so stay tuned.


Where are the light-up RED locations near me?

New South Wales

  1. City of Sydney, Town Hall
  2. Wollongong City Council, Wollongong Mall & Breakwater Lighthouse
  3. Griffith City Council, Nancy Blumer Memorial
  4. Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, Town Square
  5. Northern Beaches Council, Town Hall Building, Manly
  6. Central Coast Council, Bridge Lights


  1. City of Melbourne, Melbourne Town Hall
  2. City of Wodonga, Water Tower
  3. City of Greater Geelong, Catenary Lights


  1. Brisbane City Council, Brisbane City Hall
  2. Cairns Regional Council, Munro Martin Parklands
  3. Ipswich City Council, Ipswich Civic Centre and Studio 188
  4. Logan City Council, three water towers – Wineglass Drive Hillcrest, Telfer Street Shailer Park, and Brookvale Drive Underwood
  5. Central Highlands Regional Council, Council Building
  6. Maranoa Regional Council, McDowall Street

Northern Territory

  1. City of Darwin, Darwin Convention Centre


  1. Devonport City Council, Paranaple Convention Centre

Western Australia

  1. The Bell Tower in Perth
  2. City of South Perth, Old Mill Heritage Site
  3. City of Bunbury, Koombana Footbridge

South Australia

  1. The Corporation of the City of Whyalla, HMAS Whyalla Ship
  2. City of Adelaide, Adelaide Town Hall


Check out the locations supporting World TB Day around the world at http://www.stoptb.org/events/world_tb_day/2020/events.asp

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