Congratulations to Mike Picone on getting published in ‘The Mercury’ in Tasmania, published on Monday March 30, 2020.


“When something like COVID-19 happens, we’re all reminded that diseases of this nature can stop us in our tracks.

Viruses and bacteria do not discriminate. We need to work together to eradicate diseases like tuberculosis and COVID-19 so lives are not put on hold indefinitely, or worse, taken completely. Last Tuesday was World Tuberculosis Day. Globally 1.7 million people die from TB each year. It is a harsh reminder of what happens when we fail to invest in research and new tools (diagnostics, drugs, vaccines). Despite TB being declared a global health emergency in 1993 by the World Health Organisation, the world is way behind in reaching the target of investing US$13 billion needed to fight TB. TB is spread as easily as COVID-19. It is good to see public investment in COVID-19 research. WHO and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria are supporting countries in an evidence-based response to the virus.

Beyond the coming weeks we need world leaders to strengthen health systems and invest in research for vaccines and treatments. These investments are essential in saving likes now and long into the future from TB , COVID-19 or some future pandemic.”

Michael Picone

Kingston Beach