Well done to Mike Picone for getting his letter published in the Sunday Tasmanian (The Mercury) on the recent AU$300 million pledge from Australia to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance at the Global Vaccine Summit! Read below:



AUSTRALIA has pledged $300 million to Gavi the Vaccine Alliance, a 20 per cent increase on our previous pledge. We were one of 44 donors who raised US $8.8 billion, exceeding the goal of US$7.4 billion. Between 2021 and 2025 Gavi will support the vaccination of at least 300 million children against potentially fatal diseases, including 140 million children in our lndo-Pacific Region, saving up to 8 million lives. When a vaccine is developed to protect lives against the coronavirus, Gavi will also be at the forefront of its delivery in poor countries. I am incredibly proud that Australia played its part in this global effort. To our much­ maligned politicians, please take a moment to reflect upon the profound impact that access to lifesaving vaccines will have on countless families worldwide. Most live in extreme poverty and would otherwise not be vaccinated. You should feel immensely and justifiably proud of a job well done. Hopefully, this is a sign of a more generous and compassionate Australia.

Mike Picone Kingston