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Join a Lead 
Advocacy Group

Joining one of our State/Territory Lead Advocacy Groups is one of the best ways to experience the Results advocacy journey.
Lead Advocacy Groups are organised at a State/Territory level and are made up of committed everyday people from diverse cultural, geographical backgrounds and experiences. They create positive change by leading and driving collective and coordinated campaign actions in their State or Territory to end global poverty.

Groups consist of a Group Coordinator and group members (whom we call Lead Advocates). Together, they meet regularly throughout the year to take actions to help end global poverty and to inspire other advocates in our movement to continue engaging with our cause.

The impact of our Lead Advocacy Groups

In 2021, our Lead Advocacy Groups worked with 50+ parliamentarians, national media and our own community to advocate for global health equity and quality education everywhere. Our efforts led to the Australian government pledging $180 million to multilateral international development initiatives such as the Global Partnership for Education and supporting our neighbouring countries by providing 60 million COVID-19 doses. We also raised awareness about tuberculosis (TB – one of the major diseases of poverty) by lighting up 50 buildings around the country in red in honour of 1.4 million people who lose their lives to TB each year. 

In 2020, our Advocates reached out to more than 130 federal  parliamentarians and met with more than 60 of them on the issues of child immunisation and TB. We also contacted close to 100 healthcare organisations as part of the sector-wide #EndCOVIDForAll campaign.

Join a Lead Advocacy Group