I am reaching out to you today because I am deeply concerned that the federal government is seeking to restrict or even ban charities and their supporters from being able to speak up on issues of importance to Australians.

The Government plans to introduce the legislation to the Parliament before the end of the year and whilst full details are not yet known, it is my understanding that charities receiving international philanthropy (including RESULTS) will be banned from using these funds to advocate on behalf of the communities and individual Australians they represent.

Because a significant proportion of RESULTS funds in recent years have come from overseas donors, this legislation would directly impact the work we do advocating for aid funds to immunize children, getting them into school and fight infectious diseases like polio and tuberculosis.

Such a ban would also deny the benefits that international philanthropy makes possible for many Australians through other charities that advocate on public health, ethics regulations, medical research, environmental protection and indigenous land issues.

There is a distinct difference between donations to political parties (the primary target of this legislation) and philanthropy for charitable purposes and it would damage the functioning of our democracy if the parliament fails to recognise that.

Here at RESULTS we know that engaging with parliamentarians on issues you care about does make a difference.

I am therefore asking you to Take Action NOW!

Please go to www.handsoffourcharities.org.au and fill in the online petition.

A letter will then be sent to the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader, your Local federal MP, Senator Mathias Cormann (Liberal) and Andrew Leigh MP (Labor) on your behalf.

If this legislation passes it will seriously impact our ability to continue our important work around global health, education and economic opportunity.

Let’s use our voices to tell the government to keep their hands off our charities.