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As a global movement, we believe that no matter where people are born, everyone should have equal opportunities to fulfil their potential in life.

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Lead Advocacy Groups consists of committed advocates who meet regularly to take action on fighting global poverty.

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The Results Fellowship is a 10-month learning and volunteering opportunity for emerging leaders to harness the power of their voice to create change.

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Using the power of conversation, education and evidence-based advocacy, Results has played a key role in reducing global poverty.

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We are committed to building a world without poverty, where everyone can go to school, eat nutritious food and live free from deadly diseases.

How we work

We advocate for a more just world without extreme poverty by generating the political and public will to achieve this vision. We do this by directly engaging with the political system in a strictly non-partisan manner. By transforming our relationship with our elected officials, we believe that we can create change at a systems level.

We also direct media and public attention to the issues of global poverty by writing to media outlets or organising community events.

Demonstrate various activities by our grassroots