Following our Digital Town Hall on TB – it’s time to take action to end TB

Guest Speaker Nandita Van Katesan

Thanks for joining our Digital Town Hall on the TB UN-HLM with guest speaker Nandita Venkatesan   Nandita’s biography: Nandita Venkatesan is a journalist, a TEDx speaker, a classical dancer and a 2 time-Intestinal Tuberculosis survivor as well as patients-rights advocate. She lost over 90% of her hearing at 24,...

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Highlights of the RESULTS International Conference from Team Australia

RESULTS Australia is proud to have contributed to the agendas for this year’s International Conference and ACTION Partners Meeting. This year’s RESULTS International Conference, held in Washington, DC from July 14-17 brought together RESULTS team members and volunteers, members of the ACTION Partnership, and acclaimed speakers from 25 countries and all 50...

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White Paper Submissions

Read all your submissions here. Highlights: “I am a relatively new Australian citizen. This is something I value deeply and as I get to know better the “Aussie way of life” one thing has become clear to me, Australians are deeply generous and we do not hesitate to help each...

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