Due to your commitment and hardwork, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced last Saturday that Australia will be providing an additional $30 million in humanitarian assistance for people in these countries who are facing food insecurity and famine due to drought, displacement and conflict.

$20 million dollars will go to provide international relief efforts to  the 13 million people who have fled their homes in Somalia and South Sudan. A further $10million will go to Yemen to assist those who do not have access to food and health services to those experiencing famine including clean water to some 30,000 people with cholera.

Your voices have heard and your efforts will help protect millions of men, women and children from disease and starvation. But to truly understand the impact your advocacy our guest speaker this month will be Lauren O’Connor from the World Health Organisation. Lauren has recently moved from working at the WHO Headquarters to working  in the field in Yemen.

We know you have no intention of stopping now – after all you’re on a roll!  Preparations for your Anti-Poverty Week events are in full swing. This year Anti-Poverty week (APW) will be held on the 15th to the 21st of October.

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Take​ ​Action​ ​Now

1. Invite friends and people in the community to your APW event. o Look into local community gatherings that you can use to promote your events using flyers, posters or props (such as our MUAC straps from last month’s Action Sheet). Similarly, find groups in your area advocating on similar issues and invite them along.

 – Create a Facebook event, and share your event details on social media

– Meet or write personal messages to friends and family asking them to attend

2. As a group, fill out your Events form and send back to us at info@results.org.au.

3. Assign jobs! eg who is going to greet people, who will help setup, who is providing food and drinks and who is taking photos etc

4. Plan for pre-event meeting or phone call as a group.

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