Our amazing Sydney group meeting with their MP Anthony Albanese

The biggest and best conference ever!

I’m pretty excited about the fabulous guest speakers and activities we’ve got planned for this year’s 30th Anniversary RESULTS National Conference. Not only will we be joined by the Founder of RESULTS himself, Sam Daley-Harris, but we’ll hear from Brad Chilcott (Welcome to Australia) about turning our parliamentarians into champions, and Dr Mary Moran (Policy Cures) about what it’ll take to achieve a healthy, equitable world by 2030. And that’s just for starters! Stay tuned to hear more announcements of fabulous speakers, or better yet, register now. We promise it’ll be awesome. Plus there’ll be birthday cake. What more could you want?

National Volunteer Week

The theme for National Volunteer Week, which runs from May 9 to 15, is Give Happy, Live Happy. NVW is a great time to profile the work of your awesome groups in the local media, and to celebrate the unreal contribution you all make to your groups, your communities, and the world. How will you celebrate?

Shout outs to our awesome groups

Every month the list of thank yous and congratulations seems to grow. This month let’s give a shout out to RESULTS Melbourne for raising over $400 and entertaining a crowd of new RESULTS fans at their International Women’s Day event, a screening of Rafea: Solar Mama. Congratulations too, to RESULTS Sydney Northern Beaches, who hosted 100 people for an International Women’s Day morning tea Celebrating the Power of Women and Girls. A big welcome to all the new members of that group resulting from the event – we’re thrilled to have you on board! Thanks also to RESULTS Hobart who are hosting a fundraiser on April 21, a screening of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which looks hilarious – get your tickets here.

Media moguls

Who else remembers a year ago, when we had just tried writing our first op-eds since, well, forever? We had one or two volunteers try writing op-eds, and none were successful. Well – we’ve certainly come a long way since! In September-December 2015, we had our first 2 grassroots-generated op-eds published, and I had my first 2 published as well. I thought we’d be doing pretty well if we aimed for 6 publications in 2016. But I’ve been blown away by how far our awesome advocates have grabbed the opportunity to have their voices heard – with this amazing piece from Lindsey in Hobart that was co-signed by 3 Senators from 3 different political parties and another 4 currently in the pipeline. Plus this awesome blog written by Tania in Brisbane – one of 3 media pieces written by our newest group! Looks like we’re on track to smash our target – if you’re keen to write an op-ed why not give it a go? We have all the resources you need here.

Welcome RESULTS Brisbane!

Speaking of awesome new advocates – welcome to the world RESULTS Brisbane! We launched our newest group on March 12 and what a bunch of superstars they are. The group has embarked on their New Group Training and are a great group of people – showing that no matter whether you’ve been in RESULTS 30 years or 30 minutes you can challenge yourself, step outside your comfort zone, take action and make a difference. True to form I forgot to take a photo of them at their group launch (happens every time!) but I look forward to everyone getting to meet them at our 30th Anniversary National Conference.

What’s been inspiring me this month?

Beside all our clever grassroots advocates writing and pitching awesome op-eds of course – this month I loved watching Lucy Perry speaking at Fearless 2015 (thanks for the hot tip Leila!) and reading At the Knee of Muhammad Yunus, stories of hope from Sam Daley-Harris about the power of microfinance (and enterprising women) to transform communities. I was inspired hearing Maurine Murenga telling her story of being diagnosed and treated for HIV, and the impact this had on her. She tells a story of joining an “HIV Support Group” when she was first diagnosed, which essentially gave information about how to prepare to die! I’m grateful that now, support groups are much more likely to help people prepare to live! We were lucky enough to have Maurine speak on our last Fact & Action Call – you can listen here. I’m currently reading Make it Happen by Michelle Bridges. It’s amazing how much you can learn about advocacy by reading about weight loss – I’ll leave you to ponder that one.

What’s been inspiring you this month? I’d love to know!

Email me at info@results.org.au

I hope you all had a great Easter break – have a great day!