A thriving democracy needs many voices and a robust and vibrant public debate. We know Australians overwhelmingly (76%) support ALL charities having a public voice on issues. Millions of our citizens also choose to volunteer, becoming a member or donating to RESULTS and other civil society organisations to advocate for causes they believe in.

Several pieces of legislation were introduced by the current government late last year that for charities like RESULTS threaten their sources of funding, overwhelm them in ‘red tape’ and silence their public voices. The most destructive is the Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill 2017, which could pass Parliament as early as mid-March.

This legislation threatens RESULTS’ continued operation and effectiveness. Our grant funding from overseas would be prohibited, and donations from individuals like you would be subjected to increased scrutiny. The legislation would divert significant parts of our income, including your donations,  on administration rather than on the people we serve. And in principle, this undermines the participation of citizens in a democratic debate through the organisations they support. We need to stop it on its track.

We have organised three sessions for a special teleconference zoom call on this topic with RESULTS CEO, Maree Nutt. In these calls, we will dissect what this legislation means for RESULTS specifically, and more broadly in the aid sector, and most importantly what we together can do to stand up for what we value and fought so hard for.

Times are:

Thursday 15 February at 1 pm AEDT

Monday 19/2 7:30 pm AEDT, and

Tuesday 20/2 7:30 pm AEDT.

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Take Actions:

Write a letter to or Request a meeting with your local MP or Senator

primary ask: to request the Government to withdraw the legislation
If your MP is in Government,  request them to write to the special minister of State, Mathias Cormann, the need to withdraw the legislation.

Secondary ask: Blocking passage in Senate

If you’re not in a Coalition-held electorate (ALP, Greens or Independents), meeting with a Senator to request writing to their party leaders to support the blockage.


Write to the Letter to the editors

We have drafted three versions to get the creative juice flowing!



Full Action Sheet for the Hands of Our Charities Campaign