Life Membership

RESULTS volunteers and staff are extraordinary people motivated to make a difference in their communities by using their voice to advocate and work with a values-based organisation and they all deserve acknowledgement, appreciation and thanks for their contribution. Many devote hours, weeks, months and years helping to eradicate extreme poverty.

However, some stand out for outstanding effort, invested over significant periods. They set a high benchmark in service and volunteering excellence and RESULTS awards recognise these members and acknowledge the outstanding contribution they have made with a Life Membership Award.

Life membership is the highest honour an organisation can bestow upon one of its members or Volunteers. The RESULTS board, by special resolution, awards life membership in recognition of exceptional and distinguished service to members and Volunteers of RESULTS Australia who have demonstrated this level of service over a significant period.

Nomination are made by the RESULTS board for contributions made in Governance, Volunteering, Event Organisation, Income generation and/or Supporter recruitment

Maree Nutt

RESULTS Australia first life member

In 1990 Maree learned about the shockingly high death rates of children under 5 years worldwide from lack of access to vaccinations, medical treatment and basic nutrition. Maree decided to volunteer at RESULTS Australia being motivated to make a difference and help eliminate extreme poverty by putting her voice with other everyday Australians to advocate and inform her Member of Parliament and Senators how to prioritise investment of Australian aid funding in the most effective, cost efficient and lifesaving health programs for the world’s poorest people especially children.

Maree also organised the Northern Beaches advocacy group and has led advocacy in this area for more than 25 years. Maree then worked with others to establish more groups around NSW and Australia.

Not only did Maree work at the Grassroots she also took responsibility to and moved into leadership roles on the RESULTS management committee in Australia and internationally. She was the Australian President between 2003 and 2005 and in 2006 was appointed as CEO of RESULTS Australia. This came about after Maree worked with others in RESULTS Internationally to persuade RESULTS Educational Fund international Philanthropists such as the Gates Foundation to invest in the organization worldwide and enable each country to employ staff to expand its reach and capabilities and help raise the voices of people in the community.  Since that time Maree has led RESULTS Australia as it has expanded to six staff and around 200 volunteers.

She became CEO of RESULTS when reliable grant funding was first received in 2006 and has remained an active volunteer in her group.

Maree has become a key advocate and is highly respected by government end DFAT and has been the constant face of RESULTS as campaign staff have come and gone. The information and research Maree has either directly or indirectly provided to government has resulted in wise policy decisions that resulted in investment of many billions of Aid & Development dollars that have consequently saved millions of lives and enabled key programs such as the elimination of Polio and HIV/Aids to flourish and expand over the past 25 years.

Maree meets regularly with her counterparts in USA, Europe and Asia and has significant influence in planning and implementing heath, nutrition and education programs worldwide. Maree also meets with the World Bank, Gavi and Stop TB groups in Washington DC regularly to provide information and ideas. She is highly respected by the Executive Directors of all other RESULTS and ACTION partnership leaders and by the Founder of RESULTS, Sam Daly Harris, and International figures working in this field such as Professor and Nobel Laureate, Muhammad Yunus.

Maree has been responsible for developing strong, long term and ongoing partnerships with other health, nutrition, education and microfinance not-for-profit and global health organisations and consequently RESULTS impact is stronger as we all pursue the same positive outcomes.

Not only does Maree invest expertise, time and energy she and her family have made major ongoing donations to the work of RESULTS over the entire time of her association

Maree retired from RESULTS in 2018 but remains a strong volunteer & RESULTS Ambassador (Link).  Her level of engagement in multiple roles over such a long period well deserved recognition of Life Membership.