Our History

Results began forty years ago when Sam Daley-Harris, a teacher and musician, learnt that the world had everything it needed to end world hunger, except the political will. This inspired Sam to begin advocating for change. Thousands of citizens joined Sam in speaking up and together, they galvanised the United States Government to take stronger action to end poverty. 

Inspired by the impact of Results in the United States, citizens around the world began advocating for a world without poverty. In 1986, a group of compassionate Australians started the first Results group in Australia. 

Just two years later, Results Australia had persuaded the Federal Government to contribute $22 million which supported mothers and children in developing countries to access healthcare and an additional $10 million to support agricultural development.

These early wins set a precedent for further success. Results Australia went on to help kickstart international campaigns which secured the funding to significantly reduce the number of children who die before their fifth birthday and increase the number of people with access to credit and financial services. 

Today, as COVID threatens to undo decades of development progress, Results Australia is more important than ever. Together, we continue the legacy of using our collective voice to end poverty.