The Board is responsible for the governance and overall successful operation of Results. It is tasked with achieving the mission of Results; providing and implementing strategy; ensuring financial viability; ensuring compliance with contractual, statutory and other legal obligations; and protecting the reputation and values of Results.

The Board consists of seven members elected for a maximum of three 2-year terms at the Annual General Meeting. The Board may appoint two additional members with specific skills for a term of two years.

The Board meets eight to ten times each year including one planning workshop. It delegates work to three Sub-Committees:

  • Governance & Nominations
  • Finance, Risk & Audit
  • Fundraising Marketing & Media

Board members are selected on the basis that they possess the abilities, skills and passion to fulfill the mission, objectives and vision of Results and that they are members of Results and are Australian residents.

It is essential that Board members be enthusiastic ambassadors for Results, have the time to fully perform their duties and be able to work collaboratively.

Directors are not remunerated for their services and do not receive expenses.

The Board represents the interests of the organization and its members.

Results Members must be a natural person, with a demonstrable interest in the vision, objects, and goals of Results and have applied for, been nominated and approved for membership of Results in accordance with Constitution. Once they have paid the annual fee their name is added to the member register.