Image: Women and children wait to be registered prior to a food distribution carried out by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Thonyor, Leer state, South Sudan, in February, 2017. Siegfried Modola/Reuters

Last month we wrote letters to the editor, drawing attention to the famine that threatens over 20 million lives – 3 letters got published, bringing our total for the year to 56.

This month, we are writing letters to parliamentarians to support the meeting aims of our Study Tour delegates and urge further Australian support for famine relief.

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Take Action Now

  • Write and post a letter to a Senator from your state welcoming Australia’s contribution to famine relief and outlining your concerns about future contributions. Enclose published letters to the editor, and urge them to meet with the RESULTS Study Tour Delegates (14-15 August).
  • Provide a copy of any letters to a Study Tour representative from your city.
  • Amplify your action: get your friends to write letters too, and give them to your Study Tour rep.

See the Action Sheet for the list of Senators and Study Tour reps…