2021 Leadership Awards

Thank you for joining us for the Results annual Leadership Awards!

We were thrilled to be able to celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding Advocates, parliamentarians, journalists, and partner organisations helping end global poverty. The theme for the event was ‘Where to now – how does the Asia Pacific region recover from the impacts of COVID-19’, and we were joined by guest speakers, Professor Stephen Howes, and Marie-Ange Saraka-Yao from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

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Nominees & Winners

Results Political Leader Award

Parliamentarians make significant contributions to Results work as hard-working and influential leaders, members of the Parliamentary TB Caucus, which informs MPs and Senators of the value of funding research, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, and supporters in Parliament of immunisation programs that protect children from vaccine-preventable diseases including Polio, pneumonia, diarrhoea, and measles, nutrition programs and support for COVID 19 programs.


  • Dr Katie Allen MP
  • John Alexander MP
  • Dr Mike Freelander MP
  • Sharon Claydon MP
  • Trent Zimmerman MP

Results Advocate Leadership Award – More than 12 months

Advocates and Volunteers are our lifeblood – without them, we would achieve little  – they are deeply committed to Results and are valued highly by Results they write letters; they write to their MP; they visit their MP and they trek to Canberra to meet their MP and senators. Some Volunteers have been supporting Results since we were established more than 30 years ago.


  • Adarsh Pratap Singh
  • Andrea Herrera
  • Anika Bari
  • Ashra Anver
  • Bruna Contro de Godoy
  • Lucy Cremin
  • Lyba Khan
  • Nicholas Gould
  • Nikita Kherodiya

Results Advocate Leadership Award – Less than 12 months

Advocates and Volunteers are our lifeblood – without them, we would achieve little  – they are deeply committed to Results and are valued highly by Results they write letters; they write to their MP; they visit their MP and they trek to Canberra to meet their MP and senators. As an Advocate young people learn skills readily applicable and valuable in their careers. Some Volunteers also get out and run or cycle bringing sponsorship funds to support our work.


  • Ane Trinh
  • Burton Wu
  • Christian Mandel
  • Daniel Child
  • Gayathri Menon
  • Joe Wilson
  • Kritika Jain
  • Laiba Ahmad
  • Monish Puri
  • Niharika Malhotra

Results Media Leader Award

Results rely heavily on the support of media in bringing important stories about global health to the attention of the Australian Public. They also publish letters from our Advocates highlighting the vital impact and value of Australian Aid.


  • Anthony Galloway, Foreign Affairs National Security from The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age
  • Amanda Hodge, South East Asia Reporter from The Australian
  • Kate Lyons, Pacific Editor from The Guardian
  • Melissa Sweet from Croakey Health

Results Not For Profit Partner Award

Without NFP partners in campaigning and advocacy, we would have a small voice – we are more powerful and effective when we work with capable and hardworking partners – each organisation has our speciality and we work together to eliminate global poverty.


  • UNICEF Australia
  • Micah and the End COVID For All Campaign

Results Corporate Leader Award

Our valuable corporate partners provide us with direct funds, substantial discounts and in-kind donations for which we are immensely grateful. Our corporate partners recognise that their investment in an incredibly efficient organisation is value for money. Results operate on very limited funds converting it to 300 times its original value each year through advocacy for global health investments in reliable and trustworthy global institutions including the Global Fund and Gavi the Vaccine alliance.


  • Christie Spaces
  • MinterEllison


Stephen Howes

Stephen Howes is a Professor of Economics at the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University, and Director of the Development Policy Centre. He is also the Chair of Femili PNG, an NGO that supports survivors of family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea.

Stephen has a vast range of experience throughout the international development sector, previously working at the Australian Agency for International Development and the World Bank as Lead Economist for India.

His research focus on the areas of aid policy, international development in PNG and the Pacific, and International climate change policy. 


Marie-Ange Saraka-Yao

Marie-Ange is Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance‘s Managing Director of Resource Mobilisation, Private Sector Partnerships & Innovative Finance. She is a senior executive with a relentless drive for results and a 20-year track record in strategic leadership, policy development, innovative finance and resource mobilisation in emerging markets and globally.

Since joining Gavi in 2011, Marie-Ange’s leadership was instrumental in raising the largest amount of resources ever for Gavi – close to US$ 18 billion by 2015. She is the lead negotiator with G7 and G20 leaders, corporations and high net-worth individuals in the expansion of Gavi’s investor base. 

More recently, Marie-Ange has been driving new private sector investments to scale innovation for impact: she has spearheaded Innovation for Uptake, Scale and Equity in Immunisation (INFUSE), an investment marketplace platform launched at Davos in 2016, to provide low-income countries with access to vetted and tested innovations that can be adapted and scaled up for efficient healthcare delivery.

2020 Leadership Awards

The Results Australia Leadership Awards in 2020 were a great success.

Nominations came from Advocates, Staff and Board members of Results and we thank everyone nominated for their substantial contribution to our advocacy and efforts to increase investment in Australian aid to combat the medical and economic ravages of polio, TB and childhood under-nutrition.

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