10 reasons you should apply for the 2017 RESULTS Study Tour

By Gina Olivieri


  1. You will meet like-minded, passionate and dedicated RESULTS volunteers from around Australia.
  2. You will grow in confidence, participating in several meetings with parliamentarians from a number of states and political parties.
  3. You will be trained in how to meet parliamentarians and turn them into champions for the end of extreme poverty.
  4. You will be supported by experienced and knowledgeable staff.
  5. You will be prepared for your meetings by having access to briefing notes, preparation calls, and practice runs with your team-mates.
  6. You pay what you can afford – as long as you pay at least $200 and as much as $320, you can attend. We may even be able to provide some financial support to help you get there!
  7. You will experience the energy, architecture, art and characters of Australian Parliament House.
  8. It is an unrivalled opportunity to have your voice heard by our political leaders.
  9. It is a powerful way to voice your opposition to aid cuts, and to build support for life-saving programs that help people access health, education and economic opportunity.
  10. It’s loads of fun and wouldn’t be the same without you.

Are you in? Apply here