The Maitland Mercury | Elisha McMurray | 22 February  2017


The recent passing of the UN-proclaimed World Social Justice Day on Monday, February 20 presents an opportunity for Australia to reflect on its role in eradicating unemployment and world poverty.

Living within a developed nation such as Australia makes it easy for many of us to overlook the growing inequality in wealth and income within and between nation states. Three billion people globally live in extreme poverty on less than $2.50 a day.

While this may sound like a distant problem, many of the world’s poorest people are Australia’s next door neighbours. By leading and contributing to their development, Australia ensures we foster a safe and prosperous Asia Pacific Region which we, as a country, can thrive in for the future.

Amidst the context of Australia’s disheartening and severe budget cuts to AusAid, it is promising to see the Turnbull government turning a corner and commissioning a Foreign Policy White Paper.

Elisha McMurray, Reservoir, Victoria