My name is Claire O’Keefe and I am RESULTS Australia’s Global Health and Administrative Associate.

I consider the first six Sustainable Development Goals to be basic human rights.

However, these rights are not accessible to all human beings.

As a Mum I want the best for my child. But I don’t want this to be at the expense of others. In Australia, we are lucky to be able to provide our children with amazing opportunities. They get a free world-class education, have access to quality health care and can join in countless sports and arts activities.

I appreciate this enormously, but I’m also uncomfortably aware that some of our closest neighbours do not have access to the healthcare and education we take for granted.

Preventable diseases such a tuberculosis (TB), which we may regard as ‘eradicated’ or under control, still dominate our region and now we are facing drug resistant forms. Some of our neighbours have the highest burden of TB and other epidemics in the world.

So how can we address this unbalance? We invest in our global community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

RESULTS advocates for Australia to continue and increase its investment. And that is why I am running for RESULTS.

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Last year’s City2Surf Team RESULTS after finishing on Bondi Beach.