‘Optimism is a political act. Those who benefit from the status quo are perfectly happy for us to think nothing is going to get any better. In fact, these days, cynicism is obedience.’ – Alex Steffen

The new Government will pledge to the Global Fund on September 16. How much will be given?

Our volunteers have been hard at work building commitment to an epidemic-free world.

The second-longest election campaign in Australia’s history is finally over. It’s been a dizzying contest of policies and promises, stunts and sledging, and in just over two weeks Australia will have a new government. The field of issues has been crowded and RESULTS Australia advocates and staff have been hard at work engaging with candidates, informing them about our issues and sharing why they matter to us.

Well done everyone, and let’s keep going!

Lots of candidates will have no idea what The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria is, or that investing parties – among them, Australia – will be making their pledges to the Global Fund in Montreal on 16 September 2016. This will be the first test of the new Government’s commitment to creating a healthier, fairer world.

During the election campaign, we have had the opportunity to talk to candidates from many different political parties, build our relationships with them, and start a dialogue about the Global Fund. We have asked them to Pledge to play their role in ending the world’s worst epidemics.

Post-election, we must work quickly to build on this initial commitment, asking our Members of Parliament to meet with us and take action encouraging an Australian contribution of $300 million to the Global Fund in September.

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