December 5 is International Volunteer Day, and this year there was a particular focus on volunteers who are working to achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals.

That’s you!

I am very proud of the achievements of our volunteers this year. Together we have:

  • Published 97 letters to the editor and 4 op-eds;
  • Had 6 articles in newspapers about our volunteers;
  • Held 65 meetings with parliamentarians in their electorate office or in Canberra;
  • Raised over $18,300 through fundraising events;
  • Written letters to 32 parliamentarians; and
  • Welcomed 2 new groups to our national cohort.

It is worth noting that for some of our groups, the op-eds and letters they generated in their local newspapers were the only coverage of the Sustainable Development Goals in those publications. Without you, your local media would have been quiet or perhaps silent on this major world event.Together we have contributed to this impact in 2015:

  • $250 million pledged to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in January;
  • $30 million invested in medical research into TB and Malaria;
  • An extra $15 million invested for the prevention and diagnosis of TB in PNG;
  • Driving the formation of both the Australian and Asia Pacific TB Caucus; and
  • Inspiring parliamentarians to take over 30 actions like making speeches.

So if you turned up to a group meeting in 2015, listened to a Fact & Action Call, wrote a letter to a newspaper, made a donation, told a friend about RESULTS, read our blogs, drafted your first op-ed, learned a laser talk, met a parliamentarian, submitted a letter to your newspaper, invited a friend along to a meeting, proof-read a letter to an MP, travelled to Canberra, organised a fundraising event, attended a fundraising event, donated a prize for a raffle, served on the Board, served as a Group Leader or Partner, organised a group meeting, provided snacks, called an MP’s office, tweeted about the #GlobalGoals or did any number of other things to build the public and political will to end poverty, thank you.

Thank you very much.

I can’t wait to work together again in 2016!

Warm regards,
Gina and the RESULTS team

P.S. If you haven’t volunteered with us but would like to get involved, please email info@results.org.au