Image: RESULTS Volunteers speaking up at our National Conference 2016


What is our role in creating a fair and generous Australia?

Last month we made 71 submissions to the Foreign Policy White Paper Taskforce. They came from every Australian state and territory and were part of a national effort that saw over 9,000 submissions made in total. The submissions made clear the values we share as a community; fairness, justice, sustainability, boldness and generosity.

This month we are building on this effort and developing our own personal, powerful stories that communicate those values and move others to act.

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Story of Self, Us and Now

Storytelling for social change follows a structure described by Marshall Ganz as the story of self, us and now. These elements are woven together to create a compelling story that provokes hope and action. A brief description of each element follows:

  • Self – Who are you? Why have you been called to leadership? What moments in your life have led to you being here now? What challenges have you faced, and choices have you made, that illustrate the values you wish to highlight?
  • Us – Who are we? What makes us an ‘us’? What values do we share?
  • Now – What shared values are being violated, and what needs to be done about it? What does your listener need to do, now? Why is this urgent? Why should your listener have hope that their action will matter, and the problem can be overcome?

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