Mike Picone | The Mercury |19 August 2016

I support Russell Bailey’s thinking (Letters, August 18). If a mere 70 cents from every $100 of Australia’s gross national income (GNI) would lift Australia to GOLD medal status, as an International Aid contributor, in the eyes of people living in extreme poverty, with no access to education or clean water, but plenty of disease and malnutrition, then I too would place the ‘pen for change’ in the hand of Treasurer Scott Morrison. Let’s make a start by announcing $300 million support, over 3 years, to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria at their next funding conference in Montreal, Canada on 16 September 2016. Not a bad day’s work when you just saved 136,000 lives, Scott. The Global Fund is aiming to save 8,000,000 lives in the three years ending 2019.