This year, RESULTS and other campaigners on poverty will be concentrating on the longer-term goals of Australia’s development assistance through influencing the Government’s Foreign Policy White Paper.  We are also seeking to increase the impact of Australia’s aid on poverty reduction in the short term, through our annual Budget submission.

Each year, the Federal Treasurer invites interested people and organisations to make submissions to the Federal Budget, and RESULTS has made a submission on priority actions in the Budget each year since 2005.  This year, we have several major milestones and opportunities to address in the Budget:

  • Building on our success with the Global Fund replenishment last year, we are seeking supplementary funding by Australia to encourage the United States to make its maximum contributions ensure the Global Fund achieves its goal of saving a further 8 million lives.
  • Renewing important programs for which current funding is due to expire in 2017 – our assistance to Papua-New Guinea to prevent and treat TB and our vital medical research funding.
  • By the end of the year, deciding on Australia’s contributions to the next replenishment of the Global Partnership for Education.

See our full 2017-18 Budget submission for more details on the action we are seeking from the Australian Government.

Mark Rice, Policy and Advocacy Manager, RESULTS Australia